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About Us


TheMPACK Inc, a public benefit corporation, and Impact Fund built for and by the Community, d/b/a TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network (TMAGN), is particularly interested in social impact for communities that have historically not been given access to opportunities within business, technology, and entrepreneurship. We believe that a more unified culture of wealth and ownership will reflect the actual diverse population not just of America, but the world as a whole.

Underrepresented community entrepreneurs, creators, and changemakers need access to capital, networks, and tech talent/tech co-founders (example: former Google Developers). This we believe will assist with the need for a more cooperative business, technology, and entrepreneurship world.

What makes us a B-Corp?


Nobody does it better than the Original… because not only do we create a general public benefit, but we also specifically create P/E/Vs that enable anyone to become a powerful unit of change, measured in VIBs!

We have created the #1 Community for Crowdfunding (GroupFunding), Social Entrepreneurship, and Impact Investing!

TheMPACK platform is operated by TheMPACK Group

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