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TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network (TMAGN)


TheMPACK has worked with some of the best partners and clients, helping them to solve problems and develop their businesses.

We work together with our partners, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of our clients vision and needs. Find out who we’ve partnered and collaborated with below.

YAO - 2021 Logo - V2 - 5.11.2021.png


Young Ambitious One (YAO) is a Learning and Career Development company dedicated to empowering students, professionals, and organizations for success in business, technology, and entrepreneurship. We create access and pathways to bridge the opportunity gap for diverse talent in these high-growth industries. YAO provides interactive professional and career development programs, career advisory (resume review, interview prep, career coaching), and access to jobs & opportunities.

Community Fathers Logo.jpg

Community Fathers

Community Fathers Incorporated is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization that began as a once a week support group for men in the community. The ideology came from Fathers who had been through life's struggles and needed guidance and advice on how to continue through the tough times. A handful of dedicated men showed up weekly and began holding each other accountable for the decisions they made and the situations they put themselves in.  

4th family words large_edited.png


4th Family Incorporated is a not-for-profit organization that hosts teen/community events, mentor programs, personal development programs, educational programming, wellness & health programs, annual sport leagues & tournaments, as well as educational trips.Our goals are to motivate, encourage and uplift the community. 4th Family empowers the community by targeting at risk youth and adults and providing them with an array of unique personal development opportunities.

shes a boss logo_edited.jpg

She's a BOSS

She’s a Boss is an Albany, NY based not-for-profit that connects collegiate women to people and opportunities that will help them make power moves in their life and career. Get to know us.


DJ TruMastr

DJ Trumastr is an international touring DJ based out of Albany, New York. Infused with a rich knowledge of music, this creative innovator spins infectious blends that transcend both cultural and generational boundaries. Although mostly inspired by the classic sounds of Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul, DJ Trumastr’s skill on the decks knows no limit.

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